Monday, January 2, 2012

Welcome Signs Rock!

We have this rock that came with our house when we bought it.  We didn't get rid of it or anything. We just let in continue to hang out in our front yard.  Sometimes it attracts a snail or two but mainly it just sits there, soaking in the sun or rinsing in the rain.  The neat thing about this rock is that it's kind of big and flat.  Everytime I passed it I thought, "I really need to do something cool with that rock." And, finally I did!  Since it insisted on hanging out at our house I figured it might as well be useful! 
This project is super simple and everything you need (except the big, flat rock) can be found on Aisle 6 (paint & foam brushes) and Aisel 8 (Mod Podge) at Beverly's in Santa Maria!
Here is our rock hanging out, just begging for a make-over!

All of the necessities: paint, foam brushes & Mod Podge!

I painted the rock black, waited for the paint to dry then painted the letters and the flowers free-handed. If you aren't comfortable painting letters you could use stencils or stickers (we have lots of cool ones at Beverly's in Santa Maria)!  Once all of the paint was dry, I put on a few coats of Mod Podge.  Mod Podge goes on white but dries clear.  Just make sure that the coats are thin and without clumps.  If you put it on too thick it will dry white.

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  1. This is question is about the mod podge being outside. Will it hold up to the elements?