Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Is that a salsa jar?!

Salsa jars are kind of cute.  I decided this while rinsing one out to put it in the recycle bin.  OK, so when they have a plastic label still on them: not so cute. BUT the cuteness potential  is there!  Here!  We'll prove it!
You will need...
                         *A Glass Jar
NOTE: DO NOT use a plastic container if you are
           planning on using it into a candle holder or  
           anything else that could cause the plastic to melt.
                         *Tissue Paper
                         *A foam brush
                         *Mod Podge
                         *Ribbon or string
We used an empty (scrubbed clean &dried) GLASS salsa jar BUT if you want to start with a brand new jar we have them on aisle 13 at Beverly's in Santa Maria! We then removed the sticker which ended up leaving some sticky residue that actually ended up helping keep the paper stuck to the jar.

We cut a strip of tissue paper wide enough to cover the jar from top to bottom & long enough to go around the entire jar. We have tissue paper in the party supply department of the store.

We used Mod Podge (Aisle 8) and foam brushes (also, Aisle 8) to secure the tissue paper to the jar.

Once the entire jar was covered with thin, even layers of Mod Podge, we let it dry in the sun for a bit.  It dries pretty quickly when allowed to dry in fresh air and sunshine.

We added some ribbon/string (ribbon can be found on Aisle 16) around the top of the jar and made a bow.   We tied a couple of pony beads (in the kids section at Beverly's in Santa Maria) to the ends of the ribbon/string.

The completed jar! Cute, right? I think I'm going to use this one as a candle holder BUT I could also use it as a pencil holder or a place to keep small treasures.  The possibilities are endless!

Now Go! Be Crafty!

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