Monday, January 30, 2012

Sweet Valentine Goodies

There are only a couple more weeks until Valentine’s day!  Don’t worry you still have time to get all the goodies you need to show the people you love most how much you care about them!  We have a table in the front of the store just covered in candy and fun home décor and the ladies have been busy creating samples of super cute gift ideas and decorations for the end caps.  AND if you can’t find or aren’t sure of what you’re looking for exactly our crew is always ready to assist!  They’ll help you find what you need or help you come up with the perfect project to make for that someone special.  Just one more reason to LOVE Beverly’s Santa Maria!

Things to make…

 One of the end caps in the kids crafts section of the store is devoted to Valentine’s Day felt pieces that can used to make or decorate just about anything.  On the right, a sweet Valentine (you could also glue a magnet to the back).  On the left a simple Valentine pencil is turned into a special Valentine pencil.

Valentine ribbon was used to wrap a foam wreath, a few embellishments and a beanie puppy and voila! You have a cute Valentine’s Day decoration or gift.  On the right, just a few of the Valentine fabrics available at the store.           

Pretty fabric was used to decorate a heart shaped paper mache box that is just aching to be filled with yummy candy for that special someone.  Fabric could also be used to create a valentine wreath.  Super simple---you don’t even have to know how to sew to play with fabric!

Maria made this really cool wall plaque using a canvas (it happens to be a great time to pick some of these up!  They’re on sale!) and a heart stencil.  I love it! 

Goodies and Bling…

Honestly, I am not quite sure what this little guy/girl is exactly but it’s super cute and made me smile so here it is!


Valentine BLING can be found at the front of the store.  You can also find the Valentine pencils that we used to make the cute felt topped pencils.

Paper Details…

Cute little paper and sticker embellishments help make that homemade Valentine card extra special!
Who doesn’t love sparklies and flowers?!

Thank you for checking out today’s blog post!  Check in with us next time…we’ll be catching up with Lincoln to see how his sock is coming along!

Now Go! Be Crafty!

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