Thursday, January 12, 2012

Get Some Duct Tape!

Seriously, you are gonna wanna get some duct tape! We aren't talking about the silver duct tape that you have hanging out in the utility drawer.  We're talking about the colorful, fun-printed duct tape that you can get at Beverly's in Santa Maria on Aisle 8! AND it's on sale all month long for $3.88 a roll!  So, what does one do with duct tape?  Well, the possibilites are ENDLESS and a pre-teen insider told me that duct tape is WAY popular among the junior high crowd!  So, I'm telling you, if you want to earn coolness points with that special 'tween in your life, get yourself some cool duct tape, make a date with said 'tween and prepare for an evening of craftiness and bonding! 
Just a sampling of all of the cool printed duct tape we have on Aisle 8 at Beverly's in Santa Maria!  We also have a variety of solid colors!
So, apparently this is what the junior highers are doing with their duct tape.  It's the "in" thing to do with strips of duct tape.  I personally don't get it----but don't tell my 'tween that I said that!
I made the wallet and my 10 year old made the bow.  The entire thing is made of duct tape...except for the $5 bill).
 I found a bunch of different things that can be made out of duct tape.  I made a checkbook without a pattern, using another checkbook as a reference.  (This seriously impressed the 'tweens.  Coolness points scored!)  The only parts that aren't duct tape are the clear plastic used as a window for an ID and the magnets to help hold the checkbook together when it's folded.
We only made a few different things but you could also make belts, book covers, bookmarks, headbands...the possibilities are endless.
The minute I handed her the duct tape my daughter got to work on ribbons for her hair.  She designed the bow by herself and then attached it to a bobbie pin.  Hair bows are another popular trend at the moment!

Once the girls got started making stuff out of duct tape they were unstoppable!

So, I'm telling you...get some duct tape and prepare for a few hours of creative bonding!  But you don't have to be young or have a youngster in your life to thoroughly enjoy playing with duct tape.  I'm not a 'tween and I have to say I'm addicted!

Now Go! Be Crafty!

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