Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Lincoln Plays with Yarn

Lincoln has been saying that his goal this year is to learn to make something out of yarn. He has since expanded on that goal and now plans to choose a different medium to work with every month!  Since he got a late start on the sock, and since it’s proving to take longer than originally expected to knit a sock, he might hold off on the next project or he might just have to overlap this project with the next one.  Either way it’s been rather entertaining to watch him knit away in his spare time. 
He started working on his sock on January 18th and so far has enough sock made to cover some toes or part of an ankle!  Woo Hoo!
Lincoln works hard on his sock loom.  Sock looms can be found at Beverly’s in Santa Maria on Aisle 29!
Lincoln takes a moment to show us his sock! 

Thanks for checking in with us to see how Lincoln’s sock is going.  I have complete faith in him and know that this sock will easily be done by June or maybe July but no later than August or September…All kidding aside though, the sock is looking really nice and Lincoln is determined to get it finished soon!

Now Go! Be Crafty! 

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