Friday, December 30, 2011

Super Easy Quotation Frames

Every new year I seem to become acutely aware of all of the projects that I’ve been meaning to finish but haven’t.  I find myself cleaning up that closet that I rarely open, that junk drawer that’s become a catch-all, that corner that insists on collecting clutter…you get the idea.  So, this year as I began my little tradition I quickly came across a set of frames hidden in a closet, full of dust and just begging for something crafty to happen to them!  I decided to combine 2 of my favorite things: paper crafting and quotations!  The project was SUPER simple to make; I didn’t even use stickers! (I KNOW! Craziness! BUT, I wanted the quotes to stand alone without the distraction of too many embellishments.) I just used some scrapbooking paper that I already had…if you don’t have paper on hand, I HIGHLY recommend you run over to Beverly’s in Santa Maria and get some! J  

The 3 frames: just hanging out, collecting dust.
Anytime I need a cool quote, I go to The Quote Garden!(  I can always count on finding the perfect quotation from a selection of people WAY wiser than I am!  AND you can search for the perfect inspirational quote by topic! 

I picked a quote that I liked, highlighted it and copied.

I then opened up a new word document and pasted the quote.
Picking a font is always fun!

I ended up choosing 3 quotes that I really liked.  I picked out fonts that I thought suited the words best and then printed them onto cardstock.  I then chose different papers to layer them with.

The finished product: 3 quotes that will remind me and my family of what is most important throughout 2012.

This project was super easy, inexpensive and (of course) fun to do.  I think I’m going to paint the frames though. (They’re too dark, for my taste--maybe that’s why they were in the closet in the first place!)  If you don’t have frames hidden in a closet you could always get them at Beverly’s in Santa Maria!
Now Go! Be Crafty!

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