Saturday, December 3, 2011

Super Easy No-Sew Stocking

Nancy (our Beverly's Santa Maria resident elf and way talented sweet lady) made this stocking and has it on display in our store.  It was so cute and sounded so incredibly easy to make that I had to include it in our blog!

You will need:

*2 pieces of felt ot other fabric, each piece big enough to make a stocking the size you want
*Duck tape (aisle 8)
*Felt scraps, fabric markers, glitter glue, puff
  paint, etc.

1.    Cut out 2 pieces of felt in the shape of a stocking.
2.   Take one of the felt stockings and use Duck tape to cover the top cuff and the toe.
3.    Lay the 2 felt pieces on top of each other and bind the edges with duct tape, leaving the top of the stocking open.
4.    Fold over a strip of tape and tape to back top to form a hanger.

We wrote Lincoln’s name on ours but you can decorate it with other felt pieces or with iron-on letters.  Or you could iron-on a picture!  Make it your own!

Now Go! Be Crafty!

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