Sunday, October 16, 2011

Our First Post Ever: An itsy bitsy Spider

Welcome to the Beverly's Santa Maria Blog!  We hope that you will come to visit us when you're in need of some crafty time.  We plan on inspiring you with the crafts and project ideas that we post.  Really though we're just trying to return the favor as our customers are always inspiring us with new ideas and unlimited talent!
No matter how crafty you are, we've all had that moment when we see a cool new product or a fun looking older product and think, "That's cool but what do you do with it?"  Sometimes we need a little help and THAT is where we come in!  So, with this very first ever post we will begin with products that have been around for a while: a pumpkin, craft sticks, acrylic paint, black paper and some silk pins. All of those things have been around for a bit but put them all together and they create a cute little spider that is sure to make you smile. We hope you like the project!

We painted a little pumpkin black, let it dry and then painted lopsided eyes with a stencil sponge.
 We took 8 craft sticks and broke them (not quite in half) and then painted them black, too!
We used little strips of black paper to attach the 2 broken pieces back together but with space between them.  Now, the "legs" have a little flexibility.  We made 8 slits around the pumpkin spider's body and inserted a painted craft stick into each slit.  We also used silk pins to secure pupils made out of black paper.

The slits that we made for the legs caused some of the paint to peel and scratch off so once all of the legs were in place we touched up the pumpkin with some black paint.   
 The finished product:  A cute itsy bitsy spider!  We decided that he would make an adorable centerpiece at a Halloween party or as a welcoming little friend for trick-or-treaters!
Thanks for visiting us and checking out our first ever blog post! See you go! Be Crafty!

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