Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Ghostly Post-ly

We made one of these cheesecloth ghosts awhile back and garsh dang it!  It got smooshed!  OMG!  How are our awesome customers going to know how make their own ghost if they can't see one already made!? So, we had to make another one!  We just had to!  That was the only solution BUT this time we took pictures and posted the how-to here!  Hope you like our Ghostly Post-ly!

Cheesecloth Ghost

All of the items you will need to create your ghost can be found on the end cap between aisles 25 and 26 at your Santa Maria Beverly's.   
 We used wire to create "arms" but midway through the project decided that chop sticks worked better for us.  Really you can use anything.  All you're really trying to do is provide a shape to drape the cheesecloth over.

We used the entire bottle of Stiffy (the fabric stiffener).  The instructions on the bottle say to dilute but DON'T!  Diluting will cause your ghost to be a less sturdy.  We used a plastic bag, placed the opened cheesecloth inside and poured the Stiffy into the bag with the cheesecloth.  (If you choose, you could just as easily place everything in a bowl.)  When doing this part use your fingers to knead the plastic to saturate the cheesecloth with Stiffy.   
Once the Cheesecloth is completely saturated with Stiffy, you simply drape in over the ghost shape that you made.  If you want to you can cut the cheesecloth into sections and drape one at a time.  We used one long cheesecloth and continued to drape it until it was the shape we wanted.  Once we completed the draping we let our ghost sit for 24 hours.

 You can cut out circles out of black cardstock (like we did), you can sew on a face or use sticky eyes (which we also happen to have in our store). 
So, here's our little ghost, ready to be placed on display on his little end cap between aisles 25 and 26!  Thank you for checking out our cheesecloth ghost project! 
Now go!  Be Crafty!

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