Sunday, October 30, 2011

Beautiful Trees

Beautiful themed trees keep popping up all around the store!  These trees LOOK like they arrived at  the store ready to put up but they didn't!  Every year they are exquisitely put together by 2 of our talented Beverly's Santa Maria employees!  We asked Linda and Bev how it is that they do what they do with the Christmas trees.  If you happen to want a lighted tree...lights are the very first thing to go on the tree.  With a group of ornaments in mind, Linda says she chooses a fabric or ribbon that coordinates with them.  Once the tree is properly draped with the ribbon or fabric Linda and Bev start placing the ornaments.  The real trick is that they do NOT settle!  It is not beneath them to place and then change the location of any of the ornaments.  The result:  GORGEOUS TREES that turn Beverly's Santa Maria into a breath-taking Winter Wonderland!  AND....our wonderful customers are ENCOURAGED to purchase the ornaments right off the tree, if they choose! 

Linda and Bev pose (reluctantly) by one of their beautiful creations.


Bev and Linda use a variety of decorations to adorn the trees, including home décor items!
The cowboy tree:  ornaments, home décor and fabric!  Beautiful!
So, there is a sampling of our pretty trees! Surely, there will be more trees in coming weeks so make sure to stop in to check them out!  We’re proud of our trees because well, they’re awesome and they make our store super festive!  We are also grateful for our crafty and talented (and modest) employees:  Bev and Linda!

Now Go…Be Crafty!

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