Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Quick No-Sew Thanksgiving Tablecloth

This tablecloth took me about 2 hours to make and honestly, I’m not that great with fabric. For those of you that are, it’ll probably take you about an hour, if that!  The one we made is, of course, for Thanksgiving but change up the colors and add some holly leaves and berries and you’re all set for Christmas.  Burlap is super easy to work with and awesome this time of year!  I personally love the rustic look and feel of anything burlap.  There is something very comfortable and homey about its texture and color.  If you don’t get a chance to make this particular tablecloth, I hope that at the very least it serves as inspiration for other holiday projects!

2 ½ Yards of Burlap (in Fabric)
1 bottle of FabriTac (aisle 8)
Artificial Glittered leaves (Seasonal)
3 different patterned/colored fabric pieces or fat quarters (aisle 22)
4 pieces of brown felt (aisle 22)
Fabric Pencil

Trace the letters G, I, V, E, T, H, A, N, K, & S with the fabric pencil on the brown felt.  Cut out the letters and place on the fabric pieces.  I alternated the letters between orange, green and yellow patterned fabric.  We glued the felt letters with FabriTac onto the fabric then cut them into squares but you could cut out the squares then glue down the letters...totally up to you.

 Once the letters are cut and glued onto their squares of fabric we arranged them onto the burlap, centering them where we wanted them to go.  Using the FabriTac, we glued the squares onto the burlap.  We then took the glittered fall leaves and glued them randomly on the burlap until it looked the way we wanted it.  Done!   We actually think that this tablecloth would work best on a buffet but you, of course, can do what ever you want with yours!

Thank you for checking out our latest blog post.  We hope that you are as inspired by us as we are by all of you!
Now Go!  Be Crafty!

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