Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Christmas in Candyland

Our Christmas in Candyland event is this Saturday, November 12th from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. and we are super excited!  Our elves, as always, have been busy planning some really cool fun stuff for Saturday.  If you haven’t already noticed, we love this time of year and how it inspires such outstanding craftiness in our customers!   We also LOVE candy! (But, seriously, who doesn’t?) So, this blog post features our candy ornaments and décor which, of course, includes more of Bev and Linda’s creations!  Though the delicious-looking candy stuff isn’t edible some of the goodies this Saturday will be.  NOTE: While the pictures of all of the goodies are not too shabby, you will want to check them out in person!  Believe it or not they’re even cuter up close and personal!  See you Saturday!
We love the peppermint ornaments! Oh, and the ice cream cones..and the wooden spoon and...the cupcakes and ....

The picture of this tree just doesn't do it justice.  It is so much more
adorable in person!

These cupcakes look sooo yummy and are just plain cute!  BUT the cutest of the cute goes to the gingerbread man baker!  He is just too cute for words!  He'd look great in your kitchen this know he would!

We hope that you’re inspired by all of the Christmastime goodies that we have to offer in the store and on our blog.  We also hope to see you all on Saturday for some fun in Candyland! 
Now Go!  Be Crafty!

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